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 Darkfur's Bio's

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PostSubject: Darkfur's Bio's   Wed Nov 10, 2010 12:35 pm


Username: Darkfur (WQ: Winterwolf1)
Name: Esperanza Tylef
Mythical Creature: Centaur (A horse/human hybrid.)
Age: 2000 Years old. (Old centaur is old.)
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Green
Fur/feather/scale colour: Horse half - Strong redish brown. Human half hair - Reddish brown.
Markings: White stockings that go up to horse half knees.
Reference/Picture: A reference of the lower horse half of the centaur - http://steppelandstock.deviantart.com/art/Brown-Horse-84333821
(Ain't my picture it was taken by the amazing photographer - steppelandstock )
Personality: Esperenza is wise, at ease and is closely connected to the wilderness that surrounds her. She has quite some pride for being of the centaur race, naturally warm-hearted to her fellow kin. You should be weary of her at first, she can appear as an intimidating centaur. Very protective of friends and family. Esperanza could be considered a "Jack of all trades; master of none" concerning personlity. She at times is friendly, at others agressive. She is not super focused on certain attributes one could show personality wise. Over years of practice and patience she has aquired a such "jack of all trades" personality.
History: With utmost respect I ask yee kindly not to indulge on Esperanza's busy past.
Items: Esperanza carries with her a saddlepack which is positioned on the back of her horse-half body. However this bag in enchanted and is able to carry much more than it appears. It carries: An enchanted wheelchair, as once Esperanza tried to get into the city apparently the mist made her appear as a rabid horse. Now she 'sinks' into this wheelchair so she can appear as a mortal.
A sword named Tidal.
A shield, it shrinks into a bracelet when a little gem on it is pressed.
A bow: Meh it fires arrows "hooray!"
Some food, water and some other supplies.
Magic Abilties: One would assume that Esperanza would have magic related to the woodlands. Then you be wrong. Ha.
She has power over water
aswell as the ability to make earthquakes.
Immune: She can't drown in water.
Other: Meh.
Fatal Flaw: A question she has asked herself for 2000 years.

.:Pack Member Biography:.

Username: Winterwolf1
Name: Darkfur
Age: 4 years
Gender: Female
Fur Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Golden (Honey golden?)
Markings: Nope ^^.
Scars: Multiple - see reference.
Personality: Darkfur's past has shaped her personality, she can be quite a harsh wolf, one that is not very forgiving. If you can get over her rather stubborn/headstrong and impatient personality she is actually quite nice, though the way she displays it can not always be quite so obvious. Its very hard to gain her trust, though if you manage she respects you and treats you courteously. She is never truely 'loyal' to one. Though she ain't the nicest of wolves, often her answers can be almost strange and unclear, sometimes saying one word and meaning something entirely different. She likes to help, though can get pretty angry if you screw with her. Though like all characters, she is not pure evil or pure nice, a more of a 'jack of all trades' personality.
If you can put up with that you and her will get along just fine c:
History: (Told First Person, as I prefer.) "I was born in a pack, about 5 pups in my litter. My mother died when we were born. Things went pretty normal, like any other pack. You'know? Although things don't exactly last forever, when I went out huntin' with my "fellow" packmates we were hunting a bull elk. Though it seemed that they were rather skittish, and nervous. What could I really expect? So it was pretty much like a one-on-one fight with the elk. I got hit, more times than I could count, when that elk had taken be down, everything was like a red-blur of blood and pain, it was obvious I had gotten quite the beating. I remember seeing the dominants. Not my parents, the new ones. I didn't like them to much, they muttered a few things here and there to the pack. The rest of the pack members seemed angry, especially my father. Last thing I can remember about them was that they dissapeared into the forest. Thats when I passed out.
I thought I was dead.
But then, unfortunately I woke up. Some gang of wolves had found me, they had about 6 members and one leader. Which I found kinda odd. But I wasn't really in the position to protest. They helped me get better, food and water, though. Something didn't seem quite so right about them, they managed to get lots of food, I soon got slightly suspicious. Most of them were males. The leader taught is what was good and right in the world. But, that was only one side of the leaf. The other side was well. Quite horrific, I am ashamed of what we done, but I can't really forget it.
Well, after soon my former pack mates went all mad. It started out with one of the older members, spreading across the rest of the gang like a disease. When I was the only "sane" wolf left I ran off."

[this is the former history. Where there is more details here and there]
Darkfur was born into a normal pack there was about 5 in her litter. They played and such, though she seemed to be the most impatient. Darkfur lived a pretty normal life. Though at about 1 year and 2 or three months of age she was hunting with her packmates. They were trying to take a behemoth of a bull elk down. Darkfur got kicked and belted by anters several times (She was the only one not afraid to almost 'spar' with it) before she fell down onto the floor, bloody and wounded. Her packmates looked down, they thought she was going to die well Darkfur didn't know she assumed they would just help her back to the den. As the dominants came to her view they looked at her then looked at her packmates. They scurried off and left her to die, she left the pack after they left her. After, she kind of wandered around as a loner, lost and angry. Soon falling into a gang of other wolves who were kind of like her, also angry and lost. The leader was quite nice, treating them all fairly although what they taught her and the others wasn't to great. Telling her to steal hard-earned meat from other wolf packs. Causing fights, basically being a nuciense. Though reasoned by saying to give some to the less fortunate or giving some other ridiculous excuse.
After a while the other wolves soon went mad and insane from the power, what triggered it Darkfur still doesn't know. But she left the day it happened, she has tried to put her past behind her, to lead a different life.
Reference http://oi53.tinypic.com/2wp2lnc.jpg (Line-art is not by me :L)
Strengths: Her experience in fighting excels the knowledge of most of wolves. She has had paw-to-paw experience since a young age. It has really had an effect on her, her stamina and strength are overall higher then normal.
Weaknesses: Her impatient and headstrong personality has let her down at times.
Other: Nope


Bird Breed: Red Kite

Bird Name: Gunnar

Bird Colour: The red kite is a brownish chestnut colour, with a subtle mix of paler orange/buff and darker brown or black streaking. The main wing feathers are dark brown, which contrast with striking white patches under the wings. The pale grey head is streaked with black. The bright yellow legs and feet can often be seen when the bird is in flight. The hooked beak is very sharp and superbly designed for tearing meat. Its distinctive voice - an insistent, high pitched mewing - is not dissimilar to a shepherd's whistling and is quite distinctive once recognised.

Bird's habitat/nest: The red kite is a wide-ranging species with a wide habitat tolerance. The only requirement is for a fairly large tree, with open access to it, in which build a nest about 10 - 15 metres above ground. Sometimes, the red kite will take over an old crow or buzzard nest. The red kite is a large bird, but it is not strong or aggressive. It can be very protective of the nest area, but not of the whole breeding territory. Most Welsh kites nest within 20 km of where they were reared.

Personality: "He's like a five year old, with guns. And a comprehensive grasp on every swear word in the english language." - Nick l4d2. A way to describe Gunnar :3

Gunnar is probably the most chattiest bird to ever walk the earth. He has a firm belief on his own immortality and an ability to treat any setback as some sort of fun dare to impress the others. There is no shortage of the crazy stuff he will do. Most birds can't figure out if Gunnar is genuinely oblivious to the danger they may face or if he is just resilient. He is quick to claim everybody as his friends. Gunnar probably mourns the most when a friend dies and oddly sometimes will go silent for a while. Which is unusual for Gunnar. He is most viewed as the groups 'little brother'. Although his seeming obliviousness to the severity of the situation implies that he's rather naive, he is not stupid.

Reference/Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/4b/Milvus_milvus_R%28ThKraft%29.jpg/450px-Milvus_milvus_R%28ThKraft%29.jpg

Birds Food: Carrion, worms and small mammals. Red kite are primarily scavengers, but they are also predators especially when feeding young. They take a wide variety of live prey, ranging from earthworms to birds and small mammals such as rabbits, voles and field mice. The red kite uses a low, gliding flight to hunt live prey, searching for small movements on the ground. It then dives quickly and grasps the prey in its talons.

Birds habitat location: The Red Kite inhabits broadleaf woodlands, valleys and wetland edges, to 800 m. At one time confined to Wales, a reintroduction scheme has brought them back to many parts of England and Scotland. Central Wales, central England - especially the Chilterns, central Scotland - at Argaty, and along the Galloway Kite Trail are the best areas to find them.


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If you have and questions or queries on my work feel free to pm be about it.

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Darkfur's Bio's
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