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 Hesper's Biography

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PostSubject: Hesper's Biography   Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:34 pm

Username: WQ (-Faylon-), HMP Website (Hesper)
Name: Hesper
Age: 2 Epic Years
Gender: Female, Vixen, Valkyrie
Fur Colour: Her undercoat is that of milky alabaster entwined with an intriguing and supple gray, though it darkens through the thick ruff of her overcoat that is spectacularly laced gorgeously with a somber black and pearly silver that twirls throughout and muscular columns of her back and trails lightly down the lean sides of her bodice, tipping of her tail, and highlighting her slender figure, keeping the well trained muscles that lay just under the surface of her coat unseen to most, giving her a strong advantage. Her underbelly is a delicate cream that runs up her neck, paints her chin and streams down all four limbs.
Eye Colour: Her eyes are distinct from others, a pair you will sure not to forget. Her left is that of an unfathomable liquid blue, illuminated especially under the light of the moon, utterly and completely hypnotic. The color itself equivalent to the beauty of a day in autumn when the sun bellows through the vividly tainted leaves. Her right however was acquired by an abnormal birth defect, as it gleams a silvery sapphire, lined by thin streaks of a darker azure swirling vividly around the circle of her pupil and around the very edge of her iris. The color an obvious contrast to her other, though just as beautiful.
Markings: None
Scars: None
Personality: Calm, though moody at times. Disrespect is her hot spot and she does have what some may call "anger issues"
History: She doesn't like to talk about it
Reference Coming up soon..
Strengths: The depths of sweet honey combed with fresh lilacs that makes her have great stamina and fill her cresents.
Weaknesses: She normally doesn't like to be fooled around with too much with other wised being rude.
Other: yep.
Voice: The depths of wisdom beseech the sweetly toned edges of her voice, twirled into the utter sense of beauty. She has a rather angelic tone, one that sooths the mind and can easily calm down any being. Even when anger boils within her veins, her voice remains a calm, erotic melody, never affected by a mood.
Scent: Her scent is that of a delicate, sweet honey, twirling and stringing deftly throughout the seductive aroma of fresh, meadow grown lilacs. A saccharine scent of supple vanilla lingers behind the initial burst of her wondrous perfume. The perfect blend of an intoxicating fragrance that is not to be forgotten, though never overwhelms you.
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Hesper's Biography
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